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Logan Carr Title Boulder Boreal
Logan Carr

Logan Carr

United States
Logan got the climbing bug in 1993 and has since devoted all of his spare time to this awesome sport. Logan's favorite and home crag is Smith Rocks Oregon, but he lives to travel the world and experience all styles of climbing. Logan and his wife Aura consider Central Oregon one of the best places on earth to teach their kids Ukiah and Acacia about enjoying and preserving the outdoor lifestyle.

Best moments

  • Seeing my son and daughter being born (equal overwhelming feelings)
  • Climbing trip to Gorge Du Tarn and Mallorca (Such a great trip!)
  • Beginning to climb and realizing the adventures!


  • Have fun
  • Try as hard as I can when I touch rock
  • Appreciate all the great people that I cross paths with
  • Keep Mother Earth clean and beautiful
  • Take as many trips as I possibly can while roaming this planet